GYST means 'Get Your Stuff Together'. That's what we do.

GYST Services give all the help you need to get the job done.

Photography: Whether you need photo restoration, portrait retouching, personal photography or a commercial photo shoot, we are ready and able to help. Our video production services have been used by organizations across Canada and the US to give truly individual results for remembrances, party memorabilia, municipal events and commercial showcases.

Web: Uniquely branded graphics, customized site designs and SEO optimization at no extra cost. Our E-commerce design services can put your company in front of a global audience. We consult, design, build, host and support your site, providing a full end-to-end solution: True one stop shopping. As much help as you need. No more, no less. You tell US how you want the site to look, not the other way round! You have full control and are not forced to use a template. Good or bad, it's YOUR call!

Print: From business cards and posters to catalogues, brochures and signage. Gyst Services have produced magazine covers, editorial articles and advertising for Chambers of Commerce, local newsletters and national publications including Maintenance Technology, Addiction Professional and Behavioral Health magazines. However large or small their needs, our clients want the best: They chose us.

Computer Repair: Hardware repair, replacement, upgrades and installations are fast and affordable. If you can't drop it off, we will come to you. In your home, at your convenience. We can often reclaim critical personal or business data from damaged machines with minimal loss. No guarantee of success, but we guarantee you we won't charge if we can't do it! Cover any travel costs, that's all we ask. Doesn't that beat taking your computer to a store and not seeing it for two weeks, only to be told it can't be fixed, and here's the bill?

It takes 5 minutes to contact us via email or phone. If we can't help you, we'll tell you so. We won't waste anybodies time, including ours. So why not get in touch?