car toons

Your vehicle, with your personality.

Cars, bikes, trucks...If it has an engine, it can be 'tooned! Take this old truck, for example...

Meet Anthony

Anthony is a 5 year old boy that loves
trucks. He has a chipped tooth.

Meet cindy

Cindy is a rebellious teen with
a crazy sense of humour

Meet kitty

Kitty is a hockey mom that really loves her team

Meet The Major

The Major is a retired Air Force
officer with an eye for the ladies

What is a Car Toon?
Meet Anthony
Meet Cindy
Meet Kitty
Meet The Major
Meet Klauss

What are Car Toons?

Car Toons are awesome, that's what! We take your own vehicle and creatively give it a personality.

Yours, or someone else's. You choose.

Car Toons make great gifts for vehicle lovers and look fantastic on coffee tables and garage walls.
And it doesn't have to be a car. Anything with an engine can be 'tooned to any person.

Looking for that truly unique gift, for that truly special person? Car Toon. Birthday? Anniversary? Special Occasion? Car Toon!
Want to know more? Car Toon! I mean, call 289.228.4978 or Email Us.

Isn't it about time you got your engine 'tooned?